Emphasizing esports excellence, pioneering education development, and innovative technology integrations, Gen.G is a global thought leader fostering a new generation for gaming.

Gen.G has attracted non-endemic brands into gaming, breaking barriers and expanding audiences. Past partnerships include Crocs, Manchester City F.C., McDonald’s, Burberry, BOSE, Mobil1, and Procter & Gamble.

Operating from offices in Los Angeles, Seoul, and Shanghai, Gen.G's impact extends through teams, content creators, and its groundbreaking Gen.G Global Academy.

Gen.G Partners

Beyond competitive success, Gen.G has established Gen.G Academy and mentoring programs on collegiate campuses to nurture the next generation of talent. We also remain committed to diversity and inclusion in gaming with our Gen.G Foundation and scholarships.

Gen.G has attracted multiple brand partnerships, creating exciting activations that go beyond gaming. Gen.G's mission is to innovate, inspire, and drive the growth of esports worldwide, fostering a vibrant community and empowering future esports leaders.

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