Raising the next generation of leaders in esports and gaming

NextGEN represents our continuous initiative aimed at nurturing the next wave of gaming leaders through the establishment of a robust collegiate network. By collaborating with universities and networks, we offer mentorship, education, and hands-on experience to empower students who are eager to enter the gaming industry.


A Launchpad for Aspiring Esports Professionals

The NextGEN Fellowship is a 4-week interdisciplinary shadowing program designed to provide ten students with an immersive experience in the esports industry. Participants will engage in curated trainings and meetings, helping them identify potential career paths and gain a deeper understanding of the overarching goals of various departments within an esports team. Offered remotely, this program ensures high levels of accessibility for students aspiring to work in this dynamic industry.


Promoting Inclusion and Diversity While Encouraging Academic Excellence.

The Gen.G Foundation's mission is to develop talented young gamers who can lead the industry’s next generation. We envision a community that promotes inclusion and diversity while encouraging academic excellence. Scholarship recipients will strengthen the diversity and representation that gaming needs to reach its full potential. 


Gen.G Global Academy (GGA) is an educational institution that offers professional game training and esports programs. GGA has locations in Seoul, LA, and Shanghai, and has over 20,000 students worldwide. GGA's programs include:

  1. PLAY: A game coaching course that helps students achieve their desired rank
  2. PLUS: A progamer prep-course that prepares students for professional esports team recruitment
  3. LEARN: Helps students achieve their goals of entering their dream university or landing a job at their desired company

With the recent acquisition of Your.GG, Gen.G Academy is excited to offer students an in depth analytics platform to improve their game play.


The primary goal of the Collegiate Club Program, which will amplify the experiences of 20-25 student-run clubs in the collegiate gaming space through a nine-month club sponsorship, is to demonstrate Gen.G’s commitment to student success at all levels through corporate initiatives, focusing on three main pillars: Community Opportunities, Career Success, and Individual Experience.